We operate book on the day appointments between 8am and 10am Monday to Friday. These appointments can be telephone or face to face consultations, these are allocated appropriately depending on symptoms during the booking process.

Patients are required to telephone the surgery before 10am in order to be directed to the most appropriate care provider. Please note that between 8-8.30am the phone lines are particularly busy and you may need to ring a number of times during this period before being connected to a receptionist - please be patient.

If you are unable to attend your appointment and do not telephone in advance to cancel, this will be recorded on your medical records. If you fail to attend more than three appointments you maybe asked to register with another GP. Failure to inform us of your non attendance has an impact on our appointment availability and this is unfair on other patients.

Our reception staff have attended Patient Care Navigation Training and are trained to ask minimal, but necessary questions to allow them to direct patients to the most appropriate clinician or alternative care provider.

What is Care Navigation?

We have made changes in the way that you book an appointment. On telephone contact, our Care Navigator will ask you some relevant questions in order to direct you to the most appropriate route of care.

Through the specialist care navigation training, the practice team will be able to offer you more choice on who the best health care clinician may be. Care navigators will never offer clinical advice or triage; this new way of working is about offering choice to see other specialists within the practice team and surrounding health board team. It will often be quicker and you may not need to see the GP each time.

By working this way it enables us to free up time for GPs to care for patients with complex or serious health conditions, that can only be managed by the GP. More importantly though, it means people are seen by the clinician that is best placed to manage your clinical problem.

Any discussion that takes place is strictly confidential.

Home Visits

We would very much appreciate your request before 10am where possible and for you to give the receptionist as much information as you can to help the Doctor to assess the urgency of your request. You may be telephoned by the Doctor to discuss your request.

The Doctor can see, on average, 6 patients in the surgery in the time it takes for 1 home visit. Lack of transport is not a valid reason for a home visit.

Home visits are for bed bound and terminally ill patients only.