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Tests and Results


We have a dedicated results line that operates Monday to Friday 12.00pm to 1.00pm

A significant number of various blood, urine, sputum etc. tests can be performed at our surgery in addition to more technical investigations such as ECG's, Lung function assessment and on- site INR testing. You will need to make a routine appointment with a clinician to identify the most suitable tests needed and thereafter with the Healthcare assistant to carry out the instruction. Other investigations such as X-rays and scans need to be referred by a clinician and performed at the local Hospital. Be aware some test results can take several weeks to return.

ECG's, Spirometry and Swab tests

ECG's are predominantly performed by all nurses and Healthcare assistants; although on occasions Spirometry (Lung Function Test) can be performed by the Respiratory Nurse specialist at her clinic. Swab tests from various sites, intimate or otherwise are usually performed by the Practice Nurse. X-rays and 'scans' are performed at our local Hospital following a referral by a clinician. Please make an appointment with a clinician to discuss the most suitable investigation.

Blood & Specimen tests

Various blood, urine, sputum & other tests can be performed by our HealthCare assistants. You will need prior authorisation from a clinician before they can be done. Please be aware that some tests may need to be performed at a certain time of day only. INR (Warfarin) blood test monitoring is now performed on-site with results and treatment regimen available immediately.

Test Results

available after having been first scrutinised by a GP

Test results inevitably take at least 1 week to become available, with some more complicated investigations taking longer (as they have to be sent to a distant, more specialised laboratory). Exceptionally abnormal results are usually identified by the laboratory and phoned to the surgery at time of process. X-rays and scan results take at least 1-2 weeks to be reported on by the Consultant Radiologist prior to posting the result onward to the surgery. Be aware the administrative staff can only relay a result as given to them by the GP. They are not able to interpret any findings. Please make an appointment with your GP if you wish to discuss the results