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Non NHS Services


*Non-NHS Services
NHS services are provided free of charge to our patients under our General Medical Services contract and the NHS covers the cost of provision. Additional services are not available under the NHS and are not paid by NHS funding. The provision of such services are a cost to the GP, to cover staff, heating, lighting and facilities. Time spent by GP's completing private reports and undertaking private medical examinations are generally done outside of normal contracted working hours as an extra commitment to GP workload. The fees charged for non-NHS services go towards covering costs of running and investing in our Practice to provide the wide range of services patients require.

Professional Medical Examinations

HGV/PSV, Taxi, Boatman, Powerboat, DVLA, Insurance medicals
Paperwork is completed through questioning but will require an extensive physical examination to confirm satisfactory fitness. It may be worth undertaking a review with an optician prior to the examination. Taxi drivers are locally required to satisfy the DVLA group 2 entitlement for fitness to drive. This is the same stringent requirement as pertains to HGV drivers. Please bring any paperwork, glasses (if required) and medication to the examination. Be aware you may be requested to provide a Urine specimen on arrival.

Medical Reports

for Institutions (insurance, employer) or Patients (e.g. supportive)
We complete various medical reports including but not limited to insurance, occupational, disability and housing reports. Patients may also request private sick notes, personal insurance forms, holiday cancellation forms, fitness to travel certificates, supportive letters and some private prescriptions. All are chargeable. When a doctor simply signs a certificate or minor report of confirmation, the Doctor needs to check the patient's entire medical record to ensure that they are confirming to be providing accurate information. A doctor will not be able to complete forms the same day, so please ensure reasonable notice is given. We aim to complete reports within a 28 day time frame, essential NHS workload naturally takes priority and can cause delay.